IT Junction

IT Junction

Simplifying   Digitalization
We at IT junction working to provide web, Mobile and Desktop  based solutions for Data collection, Data Processing, Remote Device operations and control  for medium to large enterprizes

Power of Two

All Applications are designed to work on both Intranet and Internet to fulfill Management Requirements

Mobile Friendly

Mobile is the heart of present Digitalisation . we keep our solution mobile friendly

Integrating IOT

Internet of Things, next Revolution in our daily life. we added IOT feature as per requirement in our solution
Our Products And Services

Online TA book

Designed for Indian Railway Employees, to maintain TA bills

Online Asset Managment

Designed to maintain Asset data , installed at remote locations of a firm, best suited for Any Tech Firm ,managing remote locations

Online Store

Our Online Hardware and software store

Smart Proxy

LAN based Intranet Proxy server with Access control, URL filtering, Bandwidth Management, Surfing Log and many more with no recurring Cost

Smart Office

LAN based Intranet office file management software to simplify record keeping, searching , and many official activities

Remote Asset Management

A mobile based application to manage Remote assets data records,  useful for technical firms and organisation

Desktop Applications

Desktop solutions are best for Intranet environment. we are providing low cost software solutions for enterprises preferably  based on open source

IOT based Solutions

Taking Inputs/ data from IOT devices bring improvements in any system, reduces cost , increases efficiency

Web / mobile solutions

Web designing and development based on php, MySQL . Android App development