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microphone set up in windows 7


How To Set Recording Audio Device or microphone

The simplest and most direct way to change your playback device works the same way in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. First Find the icon for Sound in the notification area (lower right corner of your screen) and right-click or press and hold it.


Playback, Recording, Device, Set, Windows


You'll see a menu that offers several choices: Open Volume Mixer, Playback devices, Recording devices, Sounds and Volume Control options. This looks exactly the same in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.


Playback, Recording, Device, Set, Windows

click on the recording devices , you will get next window shown below

How To Set The Default Recording Device

Go to the Sound window, as described above, and click or tap on the Recording tab. Here you'll see the devices you have available to record multimedia files. Again, your current default device is indicated by a green check mark. Choose your preferred device and click or tap Set Default, just as you did for playback.

Playback, Recording, Device, Set, Windows

You can see if the device is working by watching for movement in the bar beside each device. If you don't see any movement, you may need to configure your device to make sure it is not muted or turned down too low to register. Click or tap on Properties, and then choose the Levels tab.

Playback, Recording, Device, Set, Windows


click ok and now your micrphone is ready to use

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